Barnett Formula Select Committee

The House of Lords Barnett Formula Select Committee, appointed on 10 December 2008,was an ad hoc Committee set up to examine the purpose, methodology and application of the Barnett Formula as a means of determining funding for the devolved administrations of the United Kingdom, to assess the effectiveness of the calculation mechanism to meet its purpose, and to consider alternative mechanisms.

These orders of reference are intended to exclude consideration of

  • the overall system of funding the devolved administrations-in particular the question of whether greater tax-raising powers should be accorded to the devolved administrations,

  • other political aspects of the devolution settlements, and

  • the distribution of funds within the different regions of the United Kingdom.

Government responds to Barnett Formula Report

The Government published their response to the House of Lords Barnett Formula Committee’s report on 16 December 2009.

The Lords Committee report criticised the Barnett Formula as 'arbitrary and unfair' and called for it to be replaced with a new method for distributing funding across the UK nations.

Report on the Barnett Formula published

The Committee's report on the Barnett Formula was published on Friday 17 July 2009.

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