Health Committee Press Notice No 3

23 November 2006
Session 2006-07

New Inquiry - Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS Terms of Reference

New Inquiry - Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS Terms of Reference

On 2 November, the Health Committee announced that it would undertake an inquiry into Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS (PPIs). It has now agreed the following terms of reference:

What is the purpose of patient and public involvement?

What form of public and patient involvement is desirable, practical and offers good value for money?

Why are existing systems for patient and public involvement being reformed after only 3 years?

How should LINks be designed, including:

€ Remit and level of independence

€ Membership and appointments

€ Funding and support

€ Areas of focus

€ Statutory powers

€ Relations with local health Trusts

€ National coordination

How should LINks relate to and avoid overlap with:

€ Local Authority structures including Overview and Scrutiny Committees

€ Foundation Trust boards and Members Councils

€ Inspectorates including the Healthcare Commission

€ Formal and informal complaints procedures

In what circumstances should wider public consultation (including under Section 11 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001) be carried out and what form should this take?

Organisations and individuals wishing to submit a short memorandum are invited to do so no later than Wednesday 10 January 2007.

Memoranda need not address all of the issues outlined above.

The Committee requests that evidence should be concise and in the form of a self-contained memorandum, prepared according to the guidelines set out by the terms of reference given above and preferably submitted electronically to .

Paragraphs should be numbered for ease of reference.

Attention is drawn to the guidance on the submission of evidence which can be found by clicking here. Late memoranda will only be accepted at the Committee's discretion, and may not be considered for publication.

Evidence sessions are likely to commence in early February 2007 and a later press notice will give details of these.