Health Committee

13 October 2006
Session 2005-06

NHS Deficits
Evidence sessions

The Committee announced the terms of reference for its inquiry into NHS Deficits on 27 April 2006. Evidence sessions have already been held on 22 June and 20 July.

The following evidence sessions have been arranged as part of this inquiry.

Thursday 19 October at 10.00 am
Wilson Room
Portcullis House

Professor Sheena Asthana, University of Plymouth
Professor Mervyn Stone, University College London
Professor Barry McCormick, Chief Economic Adviser at the Department of Health

Andy McKeon, Audit Commission
Phil Taylor, Healthcare Financial Management Association

Thursday 2 November at 10.00 am
Wilson Room
Portcullis House

John Rostill, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Acute Trust
Dr Ros Keeton, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Mental Health Trust
Mike Ridley, formerly Chief Executive of South Worcestershire PCT

Dr Jonathan Fielden, Chair of the Central Consultants and Specialists Committee, BMA
Council of Deans for Nursing and Health Professions

Thursday 16 November at 11.00 am
Wilson Room
Portcullis House

Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Health

The uncorrected transcript of each evidence session is placed on the Health Committee website as soon as possible after the meeting -

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