No 15, Session 2002-03                                          19 March 2003


Evidence Session:  Inquiry into Provision of Maternity Services

[Third evidence session]

The Maternity Services Sub-committee has arranged the following meetings:

Tuesday 25 March 2003 in Committee Room 15 from 2.15

Oral evidence from maternity care staff and user group representatives from:

At 2.15:

St James's University Hospital, Leeds
Goole Midwives Suite

At 3.15:

St Mary's Hospital for Women and Children, Manchester
Trafford General Hospital

Please note that the meeting planned for Tuesday 18 March will take place at a later date.

Members of the public and representatives of the press will be admitted to these meetings. Those wishing to attend these sessions should check the venue by contacting the Committee Office Information line on 020 7219 2033 on the day before the meeting.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry are:

The Sub-committee will examine the provision of maternity services, and the variation in service provision, across England.  In particular the Sub-committee will consider:

  • the collection of data from maternity units

  • the staffing structure of maternity care teams

  • caesarean section rates

  • the provision of training for health professionals who advise pregnant women and new mothers

The Committee will investigate how staffing levels and training affect both the type of birth a woman is likely to have, and health of her baby in early life.

The Health Committee is a Select Committee of the House of Commons.  It is appointed under Standing Order No.152 to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department of Health and associated public bodies.  The Sub-Committee on Maternity Services, which was nominated on 12 December 2002, is appointed under Standing Order No. 152 and has the power to send for persons, papers and records.