Health Committee

Thursday 25 November 2004

Members present: Mr David Hinchliffe (Chairman), John Austin, Siobhain McDonagh, Dr Doug Naysmith and Richard Taylor

The Committee deliberated.

The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry:  Ms Melinda Letts, Chair, Committee on Safety of Medicines Working Group on Patient Information, Paul Flynn MP, Chairman, Commons All-Party Group on Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mr Phil Woolas MP, Trustee, Beat the Benzos Campaign and Mr Cliff Prior, Rethink Severe Mental Illness, were examined.

Mr Jim Thomson, Chief Executive, Depression Alliance, Mr Glynn McDonald, Head, Policy and Campaigns, MS Society, Ms Helen Wallace, Deputy Director, GeneWatch UK and Ms Jenny Hirst, Co-Chairman, Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Trust, were examined.

[Adjourned till Thursday 2 December at Ten o'clock