Foreign Affairs Committee: Inquiry

Scrutiny of Senior Diplomatic Appointments

The Committee has previously announced its intention of scrutinising the appointments of individuals outside the diplomatic service to senior diplomatic posts. The following Pre-Appointment Hearings have subsequently be held:

Proposed appointment of Rt Hon Jack McConnell MSP as High Commissioner to Malawi

In August 2007, the Government announced that it intended to appoint Scottish Labour leader and former First Minister Jack McConnell MSP as British High Commissioner to Malawi when the current High Commissioner's posting ends in 2009. The Committee heard evidence from Jack McConnell on Wednesday 23 April 2008. This gave the Committee an opportunity to explore with Jack McConnell the reasons for his appointment and the nature of the contribution he will be able to make in the post of High Commissioner.

The Committee produced its report on the Proposed appointment of Rt Hon Jack McConnell MSP as high Commissioner to Malawi on 24 June 2008.

The Government response was published on 3 November 2008.