Foreign Affairs Committee

31 March 2006

Public Diplomacy

The Foreign Affairs Committee is publishing its report on Public Diplomacy on Friday 7 April 2006 at 00.01am. Embargoed advance copies of the report will be available for members of the press at 10.00am on Thursday 6 April in the Press Gallery and in the Main Committee Office, Committee Corridor, House of Commons.

It will be the Committee’s third report of Session 2005-06 (HC 903) and will include the oral evidence heard and written evidence received. 

The Committee’s report will be available on the internet from the time of publication and copies may be purchased from the Parliamentary Bookshop (12 Bridge Street, Westminster, London SW1A 2JX, Tel 020 7219 3890) or The Stationery Office (Parliamentary Hotline 0845 7023 474).

Media enquiries:  

Members of the press with enquiries should contact Jessica Bridges-Palmer, Select Committee Media Officer, on 020 7219 0724, 07917 488447 or email