Foreign Affairs Committee

17 November 2005

Foreign Affairs Committee announces inquiry into East Asia

Invitation to submit evidence

The Foreign Affairs Committee will conduct an inquiry into East Asia, and invites written submissions from interested parties.

The inquiry will examine the emergence of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as a regional power and its impact on the international system, and will seek to assess British policy in this context. Issues addressed will include:

•  The growing political and economic prominence of the PRC in international affairs.

•  The balance of security in the region, including relations with Japan and the USA.

•  Political and religious freedoms and human rights in the PRC, including the situation in Tibet and Xinjiang.

•  Human rights and political freedoms in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

•  The dispute over the status of Taiwan.

•  The question of security and stability on the Korean peninsula.

•  The roles of the United Kingdom and the European Union in the region.

The inquiry will focus on the PRC but will seek to place it within its regional context.

The Committee welcomes written memoranda for this inquiry, which may be published. Interested parties should submit their evidence by e:mail to  or in hard copy to the above address, by Friday 16 December 2005. Submissions will be accepted after this date but will not feed into the early stages of the inquiry process. If you have any questions about the submission of evidence, please contact the Committee staff on: 020 7219 6394.

The Committee will begin taking oral evidence on this inquiry in the New Year.

Members of the press with enquiries should contact Jessica Bridges-Palmer, Select Committee Media Officer, on 020 7219 0718