Foreign Affairs Committee

Session 2002 - 2003: Wednesday 5th February 2003

Evidence Session

Britain and the European Union
The Inter-Governmental Conference 2004

The Foreign Affairs Committee has decided to hold the following evidence sessions as part of its ongoing inquiries into the Developments in the European Union and preparations for the Inter-Governmental Conference 2004:

Wednesday 26th March 2003:

Subject: Britain and the European Union

Time & Location: 3.00pm in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House

Witnesses: Dr Denis MacShane MP, Minister of State for Europe, and officials, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Subject: The Inter-Governmental Conference 2004

Time & Location: at approximately 4.00pm in the Grimond Room

Witnesses: Mr Peter Hain MP, Government Representative on the European Convention, and officials.

The next sitting of the Standing Committee on the Convention on the Future of Europe will take place on Wednesday 12th February at 2.30pm in Committee Room 12.