Foreign Affairs Committee: Inquiry

Global Security: Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The Foreign Affairs Committee conducted an inquiry and published a Report on "Global Security: The Middle East" in 2007 (HC 363, Session 2006-07). In the light of developments in the region in late 2008 and early 2009, most notably the conflict in Gaza, the Committee decided to conduct a short follow-up inquiry.

Evidence to the Inquiry

The Oral and Written Evidence submitted to the inquiry is contained in the Report.


The Committee's Report on "Global Security: Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories" was published on 26 July 2009 as the Fifth Report of Session 2008-09, HC 261. See Report and accompanying press release for further details.

Government Response

The Government's Response ( Cm 7710) to the Committee's Fifth Report was published in October 2009.

Key Dates

The Committee announced on 3 February 2009 that it would be taking follow-up evidence to its 2007 Report.