Foreign Affairs Committee: Inquiry

Global Security: Russia

On 23 March 2007, the Committee announced an inquiry into Russia's impact on global security and foreign policy aspects of the United Kingdom's relations with and policy towards Russia.

Following the inquiry they published their report Global Security: Russia on 26 November 2007. The report includes transcripts from the oral evidence sessions held and written evidence received.

The Government Response was published in February 2008.

To follow up the Report was debated in Westminster Hall on Thursday 3 April at 2.30

The terms of reference for this inquiry were as follows:

€ Energy security: Are the United Kingdom and the European Union doing enough to ensure that Russia is a reliable energy partner? What is the significance of the energy principles agreed under Russia's G8 Presidency and how can we ensure that they are applied consistently to foreign investors in Russia's energy sector? How much of a constraint does Russia represent on efforts to develop a more independent energy relationship between the UK and EU and states in Central Asia and the Transcaucasus?

€ International and regional security: What role is Russia playing in the United Nations Security Council and the Non-proliferation regimes and what should the United Kingdom's response be? What is the state of Russia's relations with Central Asian and Transcaucasian countries and Ukraine? What are the prospects for relations between the enlarged Nato and Russia? What is the role of Russia in the Middle East Quartet? What are the prospects for Russia's relations with China and the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation?

€ EU-Russia bilateral relations: What are the prospects that the EU-Russia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will be successfully concluded and will prove an effective framework for the pursuit of UK aims vis-a-vis Russia?

€ UK-Russia bilateral relations: including the performance of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Russia and the future of the British Council and BBC World Service in the country.

€ Human rights and democracy: How can the UK and the international community best promote human rights and the rule of law in Russia?

€ Terrorism: How should the United Kingdom and international community engage with Russia to tackle extremist threats?

€ Climate security: how is Russia responding to climate change and how are the EU and UK engaging with Russia on this issue?