Foreign Affairs Committee: Current Inquiries

Predecessor Committee reports, Minutes of Evidence and Government responses:

"Hong Kong", Second Report of session 1988-89, HC 281-I (Report) and HC 281-II (Evidence)

"Recent Developments in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia", Session 1995-96, Minutes of Evidence, HC 298-i

"Relationship Between the United Kingdom and China in the Period up to and Beyond 1997", First Report of session 1993-94, HC 37-I (Report) and HC 37-II (Evidence)

"Hong Kong", Third Report of session 1997-98, HC 710; Government response: Cm 4156

"China", Tenth Report of session 1999-2000, HC 574-I (Report) and HC 574-II (Evidence); Government response: Cm 5038