The content on this page relates to the work of the Committee until the Dissolution of Parliament on 12 April 2010.

  • The Finance and Services Committee has a new-look homepage which will provide the latest information about the work and membership of the Committee once it has been established in the new Parliament. 
  • FInance and Services Committee from May 2010

Finance and Services Committee

Welcome to the homepage of the Finance and Services Committee.


The Finance and Services Committee is established under Standing Order No 144. It considers expenditure on and the administration of services for the House of Commons: it has responsibility for detailed scrutiny of the House's budget.

The Committee:

  • prepares, with the assistance of the Management Board, estimates for House of Commons: Administration for submission to the House of Commons Commission;

  • monitors the financial performance of the House Administration;

  • advises the Commission and the Speaker on the financial and administrative implications of any recommendations made by the Administration Committee.

The Committee has eleven members, including the Chairman of the Administration Committee, and is chaired by a member of the House of Commons Commission. It meets approximately once a month when the House is sitting. Meetings are usually held in private and the Committee is assisted by the Director General of Resouces and other House staff as appropriate.

Formal Minutes: