European Scrutiny Committee: Press Notices

Press Notices by Session

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The Committee's most recent press notices may be found below.

23 January 2009The Government€™s response to the Committee€™s Thirty-third Report of Session 2007-08: €˜Subsidiarity, National Parliaments and the Lisbon Treaty. Publication of Report
19 January 2009Work of The Committee in 2008 Publication of Report
2 February 2009Oral evidence session with Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP,Minister for Europe, Foreign And Commonwealth Office, Wednesday 4 February 2009 on the recent scrutiny performance of the FCO, and the December European Council in relation to the €œIrish Protocol€ and the Lisbon Treaty. Oral Evidence Session
10 February 2009Oral evidence session with Huw Irranca-Davies MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on the recent scrutiny performance of his department Oral Evidence session
3 March 2009Oral evidence session with Rt Hon Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State and Government Spokesperson for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and Phil Woolas MP, Secretary of State for The Home Office and HM Treasury Oral Evidence Session
31 March 2009Free movement of workers in the EU Publication of the Committee's Fourteenth Report 2008-09
3 June 2009Commission Communication: Driving European Recovery Oral Evidence Session
1 July 2009Scrutiny Performance of the Ministry of Justice Oral evidence session
2 July 2009Government€™s approach to the timing of and preconditions for Croatian accession to the European Union Oral evidence session
28 October 2009Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty: scrutiny issues Oral evidence session