The content on this page relates to the work of the Committee until the Dissolution of Parliament on 12 April 2010.

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Environmental Audit Committee: Reports and Publications

The Environmental Audit Committee publishes the following documents:

  • Uncorrected Evidence - The Committee usually publishes on the Internet the uncorrected transcripts of its most recent oral evidence sessions. The corrected transcripts will appear as Minutes of Evidence to the Committee.

  • Oral Evidence - The Minutes of Evidence taken by the Committee in oral evidence sessions.

  • Reports and Government Responses - The Committee may publish a Report following an inquiry. The Report will reflect the views of the Committee and consider the oral and written evidence presented to the Committee during its inquiry. The Report can make recommendations to the Government. The Government aims to respond to a Select Committee Report within two months. The Committee usually publishes these responses as Special Reports of the Committee and will have a House of Commons (HC) number. Occasionally Government responses are published as Command Papers (Cm).

A list of Reports, Government Responses to Reports, Single Oral Evidence Sessions and Uncorrected Transcripts for each previous session is available below. For more information visit the Committee Publications

Current session


Previous sessions

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The following responses to EAC reports have been published by the Government as Command Papers, rather than by the Committee as special reports:

Government Response to Sustainable Housing: A Follow-Up Report (Cm 6893)

Government Response to the International Challenge of Climate Change: UK Leadership in the G8 and EU

Government Response to Housing: Building a Sustainable Future (Cm 6575)

Government Response to the EAC Report on Education for Sustainable Development (Cm 6594)

Additional Notes

Correction: In the evidence to the Committee's ninth report 'Reducing Carbon Emissions from Transport' HC 981-II (Session 2005-06) the evidence submitted by D Skrytek at Ev340 should instead be read as being submitted by Derby and South Derbyshire Friends of the Earth