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Environmental Audit Committee

Inquiry into: Adapting to Climate Change

Date of announcement: 31 July 2009

The main contact for this inquiry is Tim Bryant, Committee Specialist. Tel: 020 7219 2878

The Environmental Audit Committee is conducting an inquiry into climate change adaptation policy. Adapting to climate change is the process of building resilience and preparing households, businesses, infrastructure, public services and vulnerable parts of our society to cope with the impacts of climate change, and to take advantage of any new opportunities that result. The purpose of the inquiry is to assess whether the Government is on the right path to embedding effectively climate change adaptation, and management of risks from future climate change impacts, into Government programmes, policies and decision making, and into those of the wider public and private sectors. The Committee will also examine whether climate change adaptation is being sufficiently funded and supported as a challenge for the long-term and the extent to which short-term pressures could prevent effective adaptation.

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1 December 2009
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Government Response (published as Command Paper Cm 7912)