Formal Minutes

Environmental Audit Sub-Committee
Formal minutes

Thursday 30 March 2006

Members present

Colin Challen, in the Chair

Ms Celia Barlow
Mr Martin Caton
Mr David Howarth

The Sub-committee deliberated.

The Chairman's attention having been called to the fact that one Member was not present, he suspended the proceedings; and another Member, having come into the room, and three Members being present, the proceedings were resumed.

The Sub-committee further deliberated.

[Adjourned till Thursday 20 April 2006, at 10am.

Trade, Development and Environment: Dr Mark Avery, Director of Conservation, and Joanna Phillips, Head of Trade and Development, RSPB; and, Dr Camilla Toulmin, Director and Mr Bill Vorley, Head of Sustainable Markets, IIED.