Formal Minutes

Environmental Audit Sub-Committee
Formal minutes

Tuesday 8 November 2005

Members present

Joan Walley, in the Chair

Mr Peter Ainsworth
Colin Challen
Mr Nick Hurd

The Sub-Committee deliberated.

[Adjourned till a time and date to be set by the Chairman.

Sustainable Timber: evidence was heard from Elliot Morley, MP, Minister of State for Climate Change and the Environment, Mr Bob Andrew, Senior Policy Adviser, Sustainable Procurement, and Ms Charlotte Middleton, Senior Policy Adviser, G8 and International Forestry, Department for Environment and Rural Affairs, together with  Mr Andrew Soper, Head of Sustainable Development and Commonwealth Group, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Mr John Hudson, Senior Policy Adviser, Rural Livelihoods; and from Mr Neil Scotland, Forest Policy Adviser, DG Development, European Commission.