Environmental Audit Committee

21 March 2002

UK Preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development

Publication of Report

The Environmental Audit Committee is to publish its Third Report of Session 2001-02, UK Preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, as HC 616, on Tuesday 26th March 2002 at 11am.

Copies of the Report will be posted on Tuesday 26th March  to all those who gave written or oral evidence to the Committee's inquiry.  Alternatively, witnesses or representatives of the media may arrange, by telephoning 020 7219 5776 in advance, to collect a copy from the Reception at 7 Millbank from 11am on Tuesday 26th March.  There will be no advance copies.

Once the Report has been published, copies can be obtained from TSO outlets and from the Parliamentary Bookshop, 12 Bridge Street, Parliament Square, London SW1A 2JX (020 7219 3890) by quoting House of Commons No. 616.  The text of the Report will also be available from 3.30 pm onwards on the Committee's homepage.