04 December 2002


further call for evidence

On Wednesday 27 November the Chancellor announced an increase in the landfill tax escalator.    On the same day the Strategy Unit published its Report, Waste Not, Want Not, setting out options for achieving sustainable waste management.

In one of its current inquiries, Winning the War on Waste, The Environmental Audit Committee is examining progress towards the targets set out in the Waste Strategy 2000 and where the achievement of those targets, and targets set in EU Directives, is likely to result in sustainable waste management.  The Committee is seeking to highlight both best practice and major barriers against sustainable waste management.

The Committee would be grateful to receive memoranda from interested individuals and organisations setting out their responses to the Strategy Unit Report and the Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report insofar as it relates to waste management and the Landfill Tax escalator in particular.

Written evidence should reach the Clerk of the Committee at  by 8th January 2003.  There is no need to repeat information that has been included in previous memoranda to the Committee. A brief guidance note on the preparation and submission on the Committee's web pages.

Notes for Editors

The Committee announced its inquiry into Winning the War on Waste in August 2002.  Full details of the inquiry are reproduced in a press notice of 29 August 2002.

The Strategy Unit's Report, Waste Not, Want Not, is available on the internet at: http://www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/innovation/reporst/reports.shtml

Details of the Chancellor's Pre-Budget Statement 2002 can be found on the internet at: http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/Pre_Budget_Report/prebud_pbr02/prebud_pbr02_index.cfm

Details of all the Committee's inquiries, together with its Reports and other publications, are published on the internet and available at: http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/environmental_audit_committee.cfm

Earlier this week, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee announced an inquiry to complement the EAC's audit work.