Environmental Audit Committee

24 October 2006


The UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

New Evidence Session

Wednesday 25 October 2006 @ 2.40pm:

Evidence will be heard from:

2.40pm RSPB: Dr Mark Avery, Director of Conservation, and Ms Joanna Phillips, Head of Trade and International Development Policy.

3.20pm International Institute for Environmental Development (IIED): Mr Steve Bass, Senior Fellow, Natural Resources Group, and from Yale University, Mr John Forgách, Research Affiliate and McCluskey Fellow, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, also Chairman of Forestre Holdings UK, Ltd.

The meeting will be held in Committee Room 8, House of Commons.

Notes for Editors

1. Details of all the Committee’s press releases and inquiries, together with its Reports, oral evidence and other publications, are available on the Committee’s Internet home page, which can be found at: www.parliament.uk/eacom

The Environmental Audit Committee

Under the terms of the Standing Order No. 152A the Environmental Audit Committee is to “consider to what extent the policies and programmes of government departments and non-departmental public bodies contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development: to audit their performance against such targets as may be set for them by Her Majesty’s Ministers; and to report thereon to the House.”  The Committee was set up on 13 July 2005.