Environmental Audit Committee

17 December 2003 Pre-Budget Report 2003

17 December 2003 Pre-Budget Report 2003


The Government published its Pre-Budget Report (PBR 2003) on Wednesday 10 December.   The Environmental Audit Committee will again this year be considering the environmental impacts of the measures contained in the Pre-Budget Report and the progress the Treasury is making in implementing the Statement of Intent on Environmental Taxation. 

The Committee will take evidence from the Economic Secretary of the Treasury, John Healey MP, on Wednesday 21st January 2004 at 3.50pm.

The Committee would welcome views from organisations or individuals on any aspects of  the Pre-Budget Report and associated documents which are relevant to its inquiry.   Issues of interest to the Committee include:

• the impact of specific environmental tax measures (or their absence);

• the overall adequacy of the Treasury's environmental tax strategy in terms of sectoral coverage (ie aviation, energy, water, waste etc);

• the adequacy and effectiveness with which the impacts of existing fiscal instruments are monitored and appraised;

• the adequacy of financial support provided by the Government through its environmental fiscal policy instruments, and the consistency and transparency with which this is reported over time.

The Committee will also take the opportunity to raise with the Economic Secretary issues relating to the Spending Review process - in particular to what extent the procedures being put in place for Spending Review 2004 reflect previous recommendations the Committee has made, including the need for access to departmental Sustainable Development Reports and for greater priority to be accorded to environmental objectives within departmental Public Service Agreements.   Organisations or individuals submitting memoranda may therefore wish to include any comments they have on this topic. 

Written evidence should be sent to the Committee by Friday 16th January 2004, preferably by e-mail to eacom@parliament.uk (with a hard copy by post).   A brief guidance note on the preparation and submission of evidence is available on the Committee's web pages.  For further information on the Committee's inquiry, please telephone 020-7219-5776.

Notes for Editors

The Committee's previous reports on the Budget and Pre-Budget reports can be found on its website.

The Committee has also updated its analysis of Spending Review 2002 targets in its latest report, Greening Government 2003.