Environmental Audit Committee

Friday 2 May 2008


Government must act now and impose immediate moratorium on biofuel targets, says Environmental Audit Committee

The Environmental Audit Committee published its Report, Are biofuels sustainable?, on 21 January 2008. Today the Committee publishes the Government's response to the Report, and a rejoinder to the response.

The Committee has considered the response in detail and welcomes the Government's recognition that there is a role for biofuels providing they are cost-effective and sustainable. However, the Committee still has significant concerns about the Government's continuing support for biofuel targets and restated its call for a moratorium.

The Committee concluded:

Without standards for sustainability and safeguards to protect carbon sinks we believe policies that encourage demand for first generation biofuels are damaging. We reiterate our case for a moratorium on policies aimed at increasing the use of biofuels and urge the Government to resist attempts to increase EU biofuel targets. The review of biofuels announced by the Government is important, and it would be a mistake to press ahead in the absence of the information needed to inform effective decision making.

Copies will be on the Committee's internet homepage from 11.00am on Friday 2 May: www.parliament.uk/eacom. The Committee's First Report, Are biofuels sustainable?, is available on the homepage.

Once the Report has been published, copies can be obtained from TSO outlets and from the Parliamentary Bookshop, 12 Bridge Street, Parliament Square, London SW1A 2JX (020 7219 3890) by quoting House of Commons No. 528.

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