Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

  SESSION 2002-03

15 October 2003



The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has decided to hold the following oral evidence session in its inquiry into the conduct of the GM public debate:

Wednesday 22 October 2003

2.30 pm

Professor Malcolm Grant, Chair, GM Public Debate Steering Board;

Mr Elliot Morley MP, Minister for Environment and Agri-Environment, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

The Committee announced its intention to undertake the inquiry on 17 July. The aim of the inquiry is to the conduct of the GM public debate, GM Nation? (but not the outcome of it). It will consider the adequacy of arrangements made to support the debate, and particularly the role played by Defra. In particular it will look at the Department's role in financially supporting and publicising the debate.



There have been a number of changes in the staff who support the work of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee.

Fiona McLean has replaced Tim Jarvis as second Clerk of the Committee;

Jonathan Little has replaced Richard Kelly as the Committee's Agriculture Specialist;

Rebecca Flynn has temporarily joined the staff of the Committee as an intern.


The Committee normally meets in a Committee Room at Westminster.  Because there are often last minute changes of Room and meetings may be held in either the Palace of Westminster or Portcullis House, those wishing to attend should check the venue by contacting the Committee Office Information Line on 020 7219 2033 on the day before the hearing.


Further details of the Committee, including its current membership, can be found on the Committee's homepage at http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/environment__food_and_rural_affairs.cfm  Information about the Committee can also be obtained from 020 7219 3262.