Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Session 2006-07

18 October 2007

Badgers and cattle TB: Final Report of the Independent Scientific Group

Committee visit to Devon

The Committee visited Devon today as part of its inquiry into Badgers and Cattle TB: Final Report of the Independent Scientific Group. The Committee met representatives from NFU South West, local vets and local farmers. As part of the visit, the Committee went to three local farms in Ivybridge, Shebbear and Stockleigh Pomeroy to talk to farmers about their experiences of Cattle TB and to view badger setts on farms.

The Chairman of the Committee, Mr Michael Jack MP, said:

"Our visit has given us a practical insight about the impact that Cattle TB has on Devon's farms and farmers. It was made clear to us that farmers want a much improved system of cattle valuation where matters of compensation are concerned. We also valued the input of local vets who were able to provide us with some challenging thoughts on disease transmission. We can assure all those we met that what they told us will be considered very carefully when we produce our report."


1. Members of the Committee participating in the visit were:‚ Rt. Hon Michael Jack MP (Fylde, Conservative) (Chairman), Mr Geoffrey Cox MP (Torridge and West Devon, Conservative), Mr David Drew MP (Stroud, Labour), Mr Dan Rogerson MP (North Cornwall, Liberal Democrat).

2. Details about this inquiry can be found at:


3. The Committee has previously inquired into this subject producing the following Reports:

Bovine TB: badger culling, Sixth Report of Session 2005-06, HC 905-I, published 14 March 2006

Bovine TB, Thirteenth Report of Session 2003-04, HC 638, published 13 July 2004

Badgers and Bovine TB, Seventh Report of Session 2002-03, HC 432, published 9 April 2003