Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Session 2005-06

28 June 2006

28 June 2006

UK Government's "Vision for the CAP": evidence session

Committee taking evidence at the Royal Agricultural Show

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee will hold the following oral evidence session in relation to its inquiry into the UK Government's "Vision for the Common Agricultural Policy".

The evidence will be taken at the Royal Agricultural Show, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, from individuals who have taken the opportunity to inform the debate about future reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Tuesday 4 July 2006
11.00 am: Panel 1: Mr Jamie Blackett, Mr Andrew Brown, Mr Stuart Davenport, Mrs Gillian Herbert and Mr Guy Smith

11.40 am: Panel 2: Mr Robert Barlow, Mrs Jilly Greed, Mr Roger James, Mr R Stubley* and Mr John Turner

12.20 pm: Panel 3: Mr Carl Atkin, Mr Steve Cowley, Mr Tony Keene, Mr Hugo Marfleet and Mrs Chris Thomas

*(withdrew Thursday 29 June)



For the terms of reference of this inquiry please see the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee press notice, published 15 December 2005.

The brief details of the witnesses are as follows:

Panel 1

Mr Jamie Blackett: Farms a family farm (mixed arable/beef/sheep) on two sites in Yorkshire and Dumfriesshire.

Mr Andrew Brown: Farms 620 acres in Rutland (mixed arable and pasture). A farmer with over 20 years experience.

Mr Stuart Davenport: Farms 450 acres (cereals, potatoes, lambs) in Warwickshire.

Mrs Gillian Herbert: Started farming in 2003. Supplies rare breed lamb and pork from a small farm near Bromyard.

Mr Guy Smith: Farmer and commentator on farming issues based in Essex.

Panel 2

Mr Robert Barlow: Agricultural chaplain in Worcestershire.

Mrs Jilly Greed: Beef farmer (closed herd of 200 suckler cows on 500 acre family farm) in Devon.

Mr Roger James: Hill farmer in mid-Wales - 1,000 breeding ewes producing 1,500 lambs and 50 suckler cows.

Mr John Turner: Farms a mixed 100 hectare organic farm (beef, sheep, cereals, medicinal herbs) near Stamford.

Mr Richard Stubley*: Arable farmer based near Scunthorpe. Combinable crops. Farming for 34 years.

Panel 3

Mr Carl Atkin: Agricultural economist with Bidwells (Lincolnshire); member of the Institute of Agricultural Management and the Agricultural Economics Society.

Mr Steve Cowley: Family farmer from the Isle of Wight with active involvement in community and environmental enhancement projects.

Mr Tony Keene: Farms 2,800 acres near Grantham (mainly potatoes); former chairman of the Oxford Farming Conference and Governor of the Royal Agricultural College.

Mr Hugo Marfleet: Farms in Lincolnshire (arable and free-range poultry); formerly a specialist pig farmer. Exploring diversifying into farm tourism. Farming for 13 years.

Mrs Chris Thomas: Beef farmer in Powys (700 prime beef cattle). Diversified and recently opened a new luxury caravan and camping park.

*(withdrew Thursday 29 June)


The evidence session at the Royal Agricultural Show, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, will be held within the Conference Centre which is located on the corner of Avenue G and 10th Street. The oral evidence session is open to the general public.

Those wishing to attend should check the venue by calling the Efra committee office the day before the hearing on 020 7219 5774.

The website for the Royal Agricultural Show is: www.royalshow.org.uk.