Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Session 2005-06

17 May 2006


Public hearing for individuals

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee is reaching out to individuals who want the opportunity to inform debate about future reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. For the first time, it will be holding a public hearing at the Royal Show in July and will be inviting any members of the public who have strong views on the subject to apply to take part in the session.

The session will be part of the Committee's inquiry into the Government document, A vision for the Common Agricultural Policy, published in December 2005. This report is intended to stimulate debate by describing where the UK Government is aiming to get to, in terms of European agricultural policy reform, in 10 to 15 years' time.

Comments welcome on

Areas the Committee is interested in include:

€Does the Government remain committed to UK food production?

€Potential distortions and inequality of treatment of farmers across the EU.

€Possible environmental consequences of the proposals.

€The international implications of reform.

As part of its inquiry, the Committee will be hearing from witnesses at Westminster, including the National Farmers' Union, the Tenant Farmers Association, the Country Land and Business Association, the Natural England Partnership and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The inquiry will conclude with evidence from Defra Ministers and officials.

Format for the public hearing

The Committee also wishes to hear the views of individuals, who may not be linked to any representative organisation, with experience of, or expertise in, the issues raised by the Vision for CAP.

The format of the meeting at the Royal Show, at Stoneleigh Park, in Warwickshire on July 4, will allow up to about 10 people to make a short presentation, of about five minutes, to the Committee, with time for questions.

How to have YOUR say

In order to ensure we get a good cross-section of people, the Committee is inviting applications to give oral evidence. If you think you have something to say that would help the Committee's inquiry, please:

€send a brief note (a side of A4 is enough) including your contact details, to the address below

€set out your background and experience

€let us know the kind of issue you would like to raise

The Committee will make a selection from those who submit applications.

Further informal session

In addition to the formal, on-the-record public hearing, the Committee will also be taking the opportunity to meet other visitors to the Show during the course of the day. So even if you don't get the chance to give formal evidence, it may be possible to talk to the MPs informally.

The deadline for applications is Monday 5 June

The deadline for requests to give oral evidence is NOON on Monday 5th June.

Application may be submitted in the following manner:

Emails to:

Please ensure CAPVISION is in the subject box

Hard copy including your contact details to:

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee
Committee Office
House of Commons

Please note that we shall be contacting successful applicants in the week commencing 19 June. This is to allow careful consideration of all the applications.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in this exercise. If you would like further information about the Committee's work and current inquiries, our website address is: www.parliament.uk/efracom