Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Session 2005-06

19 April 2006

Rural Payments Agency: Membership of Sub-Committee

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has nominated the following Members to its Sub-Committee on the Rural Payments Agency:

Mr David Drew
James Duddridge
Rt Hon Michael Jack
Lynne Jones
Daniel Kawczynski
David Taylor
Mr Roger Williams

The Rt Hon Michael Jack was elected Chair of the Sub-Committee.



For the terms of reference of this inquiry please see the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee press notice, published 30 March 2006. Details of the first two oral evidences sessions to be held in relation to this inquiry were announced in a press notice, published on 18 April 2006. Further evidence sessions will be announced in due course. Please consult the Committee website for further information: www.parliament.uk/efracom