Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Session 2005-06 

20 December 2005

Defra's Departmental Annual Report, 2005: publication of EFRA Committee report

The Commons Committee on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has today published its overview of the performance of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in the past year, as reviewed in Defra's Departmental Report 2005. It is one of a sequence of reports into Defra's Departmental Annual Reports.

Overall, the Committee believes the Department has made progress this year. It welcomes the improvements made by senior managers to increase integration across the Department, particularly at senior grade level, and is pleased at Defra's progress in increasing its  influence  across Whitehall. The Committee still expresses concern, however, at Defra's performance in achieving some of its Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets, in particular the target relating to rural affairs.

Other issues covered in the Committee's report include: Defra's PSA targets relating to climate change and sites of special scientific interest; its financial forecasting and efficiency savings; and staffing issues within the Department.

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1. For more information or to arrange bids for the Chairman of the EFRA Committee, Rt Hon Michael Jack MP, please call Laura Kibby on 07917 488 557.

2. The full report, and written and oral evidence, will be available on the Committee's website soon after 00.01 am on 20 December 2005. Website: www.parliament.uk/efracom