Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Session 2003-04
12 February 2004 Gangmasters: Committee to follow up its report

12 February 2004 Gangmasters: Committee to follow up its report

On 18 September 2003 the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee published a report into gangmasters. It announced then that it would follow up its report in Spring 2004  "to monitor the action taken by the Government following its Report, and to assess whether there is need for further action".

The Committee has decided that it will take oral evidence from Government Ministers on this subject in March. A meeting is being organised, and will be announced very soon.

In advance of the meeting the Committee invites written submissions from interested parties. They should specifically address the effectiveness of the Government's activities since September last year in dealing with the activities of illegal gangmasters in the areas covered by Defra (including agriculture, horticulture and fisheries), and whether there has been any change in the Government's approach.

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Submitting written evidence

Those interested in sending in written material should send it in Word or WordPerfect, by e-mail to devineg@parliament.uk.  Memoranda should be as brief as possible - certainly no more than 1500 words - and should include a summary of key points. Paragraphs must be numbered.

The closing date for the submission of material is 12 March 2004.

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The Committee's previous report was titled Gangmasters (Fourteenth Report, HC (2002-03) 691). A press notice was issued alongside the report (18 September 2003). Both are available via the Committee's website, at: