Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Session 2004-05
3 December 2004 The Government's Rural Delivery Strategy:

3 December 2004 The Government's Rural Delivery Strategy:
Committee visit to Cambridgeshire: 7-8 December 2004

The Sub-Committee inquiring into the Government's Rural Delivery Strategy has decided to visit a rural area in Cambridgeshire to speak to key stakeholders, on the ground, about their experiences of rural delivery and the likely impact of planned changes to the way rural services are delivered.

As part of its visit, the Sub-Committee will look at a number of projects based in the town of Littleport (including the station upgrade, undertaken by the Littleport Partnership, and E-Space North, an EEDA-funded business incubator), as well as some farming initiatives coordinated by ADER-Agricultural Development in the Eastern Region. On Tuesday evening (7 December), Members of the Sub-Committee will have dinner with members of the Rural Affairs Forum at the Dykes End, a community-owned pub in Reach.

The Sub-Committee hopes that this visit will provide an opportunity to talk, not just to local organisations, but directly to local people. There will be an opportunity for residents to make their views known about the Government's approach to rural issues. This can be done by contacting Tony Taylorson, on 01223 484 699.

Sub-Committee Chairman, Paddy Tipping, said, "Local people know not just about problems, but solutions too-we're keen to hear from them".


During the visit, the Sub-Committee hopes to meet representatives from:

• East of England Development Agency (EEDA)

• Government Office East (GO-East)

• East of England Regional Assembly (EERA)

• Cambridgeshire County Council

• Norfolk County Council

• Countryside Agency

• Rural Development Service

• English Nature

• Forestry Commission

• Environment Agency

• Regional Rural Affairs Forum

• Rural Community Council Network

• County Association of Local Councils

• National Farmers' Union



The programme for the Committee visit is being co-ordinated by the East of England Development Agency. Further details can be obtained from Tony Taylorson, on 01223 484 699.

The terms of reference for the Committee's inquiry into the Government's Rural Delivery Strategy 2004 are as follows:

The Committee will examine the Government's Rural Strategy 2004, as set out in the statement of the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to the House of Commons on 21 July 2004. In particular, the Committee will consider:

• the proposal to establish an integrated agency

• the proposed streamlining of rural, agricultural and environmental funding schemes

• the delivery mechanisms for the strategy, including the IT strategy that underpins it, its environmental impact and its lines of accountability, and

• the extent to which the strategy incorporates the recommendations of Lord Haskins' rural delivery review, published in October 2003.

Further details about the Committee, and this inquiry, can be found on the Committee's homepage at: http://www.parliament.uk/efracom Information about the Committee can also be obtained from 020 7219 5774.