Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Press Notice

Session 2009-10

16 March 2010


The National Forest, HC 281

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has agreed a Report entitled The National Forest (HC 281). This is the Committee’s Fourth Report of Session 2009-10.

Publication of The National Forest has been brought forward from the original publication date of 20 March and the report will be now be published on Friday 19 March 2010 at 00.01am. 

Advance electronic copies of the Report will be available under embargo from 10.00am on Wednesday 17 March and advance paper copies, also under embargo, from 10.00am on Thursday 18 March. The Committee will publish the oral and written evidence in the same volume as this Report.

Copies of the Report will be available in the following ways:

• Media representatives may collect a paper copy of the Report* from the Press Gallery, House of Commons, or request an electronic embargoed copy, from 10.00am on Wednesday 17 March.

• Electronic embargoed copies are also available to witnesses on request from 10.00 am on Wednesday 17 March-please phone 020 7219 3262 if you wish to be emailed a copy.

• Reports will be sent by post to all witnesses on Thursday 18 March.  If preferred, witnesses or their representatives may collect their copy from Westminster House, 7 Millbank, London. Copies will be available at 10.00am on Thursday 18 March-please phone 020 7219 3262 if you wish to collect an advance copy.

• Copies of the Report may be obtained, on publication on 19 March, from the usual outlets, including The Parliamentary Bookshop and The Stationery Office.

• The Report will be posted on the Parliamentary internet on publication on 19 March, and will be accessible via the Committee’s homepage.


1. Further details about this inquiry can be found at:


* please note the paper copy available from the Press Gallery will not include the associated evidence, but this will be included in the electronic version

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