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Dairy Farmers of Britain

Dairy Farmers of Britain


Dairy Farmers of Britain Report was published on Tuesday 23 March 2010 at 00.01am as HC 227-I. The Committee published the oral and written evidence on Thursday 25 March 2010.

Press Notice with report.

Terms of Reference

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has decided to examine the implications of the collapse of Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFB). The Committee will consider in particular:

• the impact of the collapse of DFB on dairy farmers and the industry;

• the governance and accountability structures of DFB; 

• Defra’s response to the collapse of DFB; and

• the causes and lessons to be learned from the collapse of DFB.

The Committee does not intend to consider the issues surrounding the receivership of the cooperative that are expected to be covered in the report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The Committee invited all interested parties to address these matters in writing by 31 August.  Further submissions, after the meeting held by the receivers on 7 September, was considered, however the deadline for submissions has now passed. 

For further details about this inquiry, please contact Joanna Dodd, Second Clerk, on 020 7219 3279.

Oral evidence

EFRA Committee evidence session Monday 9 November on Dairy Farmers of Britain

Due to conflicting Parliamentary duties the Committee was unable to hold the advertised public evidence session on Dairy Farmers of Britain. The Committee apologises for any inconvenience to members of the public as a result of the last minute changes to our proceedings.

Members did have a private briefing with the proposed witnesses:

Neil Kennedy, Milk Link Chief Executive, Nairn Glen, Milk Link Group Finance Director and  Stephen Yates, former Chairman of the DFB Members Council.

Wednesday 10 February 2010
Mr Malcolm Smith, former Chief Executive of DFB

Wednesday 3 February 2010
Mr StephenYates, former Chairman of the DFB Members Council; and Bill Mustoe, Chairman and Jim Maguire, Finance Director, First Milk 

Wednesday 6 January 2010
Mr Rob Knight (former Chairman of Dairy Farmers of Britain), Mr Philip Moody (former Board Member of Dairy Farmers of Britain), and Mr  Andrew Cooksey (former Chief Executive of Dairy Farmers of Britain).

Wednesday 28 October 2009
Tesco; Michael Oakes, former Director of the Dairy Farmers of Britain; Mr Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Minister for Farming, Food and the Environment

Wednesday 21 October 2009
The Co-operative Group; Lord Grantchester, Chairman of the Dairy Farmers of Britain Board and Gerry Smith, former member of the Executive Team of Dairy Farmers of Britain

Wednesday 14 October 2009
National Farmers' Union; Former members of the Dairy Farmers of Britain

Wednesday 16 September 2009
Dairy Farmers of Britain and PricewaterhouseCoopers

Press notices

23/03/10 Report published
22/03/10 Publication of report
22/07/09 Inquiry announced