Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Bovine TB: badger culling

Bovine TB: badger culling

Report published

The Committee published ' Bovine TB: badger culling', its Sixth Report 2005-06 (HC 905), on Tuesday 14 March 2006.

Terms of Reference

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has decided to examine the Government's proposals for introducing badger culling as a bovine tuberculosis control measure, as set out in the consultation paper issued on 15 December 2005. In conducting its inquiry, the Committee intends to focus on the key questions that Ministers must address in reaching conclusions on the issues set out in the consultation paper.

The Committee invites interested parties to address these matters in writing. The deadline for submissions is Monday 6 February 2006.

Oral evidence session:

Tuesday 7 February 2006
Professor John Bourne, Chairman, Professor Christl Donnelly, Deputy Chairman, Professor Rosie Woodroffe, Independent Scientific Group on Cattle TB, Professor H Charles J Godfray FRS, Chairman of the Independent Scientific Review of the RBCT, Dr Chris Cheeseman, Central Science Laboratory; Badger Trust, National Farmers' Union

Press Notices:

09/03/06 Report to be published
30/01/06 Further witnesses announced
26/01/06 Re-arranged evidence session
07/12/05 New inquiry