Education and Skills Committee

22 September 2004

Education Outside the Classroom

The Education and Skills Committee has announced an inquiry into Education Outside the Classroom.

The terms of reference are:

To examine pupils’ access to experiences outside the classroom, including outdoor play, academic fieldwork, work experience, out-of-school activities and using the environment as a tool to enrich the curriculum. To determine what barriers exist to the expansion and development of out-of-classroom learning, exploring specifically:

•   Costs and funding of outdoor activities;

•   The place of outdoor learning within the curriculum;

•   External assessment of provision;

•   Organisation and integration within existing school structures;

•   Qualification and motivation of teachers and the effect on teacher workload;

•   The fear of accidents and the possibility of litigation;

•   How provision in the UK compares with that of other countries.

The Committee will begin taking formal evidence for this inquiry in October. Written submissions are welcome and should arrive no later than Monday 25 October. A guide for written submissions to the Committee may be found on the parliamentary website at:

A copy of the submission should be sent by e-mail to with an additional paper copy to:

Dr Sue Griffiths, Second Clerk, Education and Skills Select Committee, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London  SW1P 3JA