Education and Skills Committee Press Notices 2004-2005

Date Inquiry Announcement
05/04/05Every Child Matters Chairman's press notice on publication of report
06/04/05Tuition Fees and Student Bursaries Institute for Fiscal Studies to give evidence
04/04/05Every Child Matters and Teaching Children to Read Committee to publish reports
17/03/05Secondary Education Committee to publish report
16/03/05The Work of Ofsted David Bell to give evidence
08/03/05The Work of the Committee in 2004 Committee to publish report
03/03/05UK e-University Chairman's press notice on report
02/03/05The Work of the Department for Education and Skills Secretary of State to give evidence
24/02/05UK e-University Committee to publish report
09/02/05The Work of Ofsted Call for written evidence
23/02/05Tuition Fees and Student Bursaries One-off evidence session
10/02/05Education Outside the Classroom Chairman's press notice on report
09/02/05Every Child Matters Margaret Hodge to give evidence
07/02/05Teaching to Children to Read Oral evidence session
01/02/05Education Outside the Classroom Committee publishes Education Outside the Classroom report
02/02/04Every Child Matters DfES and Department of Health officials to give evidence
25/01/05The Work of Ofsted Committee publishes Government's and Ofsted's reply
24/01/05Every Child Matters Oral evidence session
12/01/05UK e-University Oral evidence session
10/01/05Every Child Matters Oral evidence session
20/12/04Public Expenditure Committee publishes report
20/12/04Every Child Matters Oral evidence session
08/12/04Education Outside the Classroom/Teaching Children to Read Stephen Twigg to give evidence
06/12/04Prison Education DfES, Home Office and LSC to give evidence
06/12/04Secondary Education: Teacher Retention Committee publishes First Special Report
01/12/04Secondary Education Secretary of State to give evidence
29/11/04Every Child Matters Lord Laming to give evidence