Education and Skills Committee Press Notices 2002-2003

Date Inquiry Announcement
12/11/03Secondary Education: School Admissions Two further evidence sessions for school admissions inquiry
05/11/03Secondary Education: School Admissions Two evidence sessions for school admissions inquiry
03/11/03National Skills Strategy: 14-19 Education Committee announces Skills inquiry
28/10/03The Work of Ofsted Committee to take evidence from Ofsted
23/10/03The Work of Ofsted Committee publishes Fifth Special Report
17/10/03Secondary Education: School Admissions LEAs to give evidence
08/10/03Secondary Education: Pupil Achievement Committee publishes report
08/10/03Secondary Education: School Admissions Chiefs Schools Adjudicator to give evidence
16/09/03Secondary Education: Diversity of Provision Committee publishes Fourth Special Report
15/09/03The Work of Ofsted Committee announces next session with HMCI
26/08/03Secondary Education: School Admissions Committee to take evidence from academics
21/07/03Secondary Education: School Admissions Committee announces fourth strand of Secondary Education inquiry
21/07/03A Level Standards Government response to Committee's report on A Level Standards
21/07/03The Work of Ofsted Committee publishes Sixth Report
10/07/03Public Expenditure Secretary of State to give evidence
01/07/03The Future of Higher Education Committee publishes Higher Education report
19/06/03Public Expenditure DfES to give evidence to Committee
19/06/03Secondary Education: Teacher Retention Unions to give evidence to Committee
12/06/03Secondary Education: Teacher Retention Oral evidence session on 18 June
11/06/03Higher Education Funding Additional evidence session for Higher Education Inquiry
04/06/03Secondary Education: Teacher Retention Second evidence session for teacher retention inquiry
16/05/03Public Expenditure Committee announces Public Expenditure inquiry
16/05/03Secondary Education: Diversity of Provision Committee publishes Diversity of Provision report
13/05/03Secondary Education: Teacher Retention First oral evidence session for Teacher Retention inquiry
08/05/03Secondary Education: Teacher Retention Committee announces next phase of Secondary Education Inquiry
01/05/03Secondary Education: Pupil Achievement Ministers to give evidence to Pupil Achievement Inquiry
08/04/03Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Committee publishes A level report
31/03/03Secondary Education: Pupil Achievement Oral evidence for Pupil Achievement Inquiry on 7 April
19/03/03Secondary Education: Pupil Achievement DfES to give evidence in Secondary Education: Pupil Achievement Inquiry
11/03/03Higher Education Funding Further evidence session for Higher Education Funding Inquiry
06/03/03Education in Birmingham Committee publishes Second Report
05/03/03Secondary Education: Pupil Achievement Evidence session for second part of Inquiry into Secondary Education
27/02/03Higher Education Funding Evidence sessions with HEFCE and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills
14/02/03Higher Education Funding Evidence Session for Higher Education Funding Inquiry
14/02/03Post-16 Student Support Committee publishes Second Special Report
14/02/03The Work of OFSTED Committee to take evidence from Mr David Bell, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools
05/02/03Higher Education Funding Committee announces two oral evidence sessions for Inquiry into Higher Education Funding
29/01/03Higher Education Committee announces inquiry into Higher Education
24/01/03Secondary Education: Pupil Achievement Committee announces second part of Secondary Education Inquiry
09/01/03Secondary Education: Diversity of Provision Two evidence sessions for Diversity of Provision Inquiry
17/12/02The Work of the DfES Committee takes evidence from David Miliband MP
25/11/02LSC and Ministerial Evidence sessions Details of meetings on the 9,11 & 18 December
25/11/02Secondary Education - Diversity of Provision Second session in inquiry
26/11/02Ministerial evidence session and A-level Standards & the QCA Details of Committee meetings w/c 2 December 2002
13/11/02Secondary education: diversity of provision Committee annouces new inquiry