Energy and Climate Change Committee - Press notice 9

Energy and Climate Change Committee
Committee announcement 9

26th March 2009

Committee to hold first evidence session on the future of Britain's electricity networks

The Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold its first oral evidence session for its inquiry on the future of Britain's electricity networks on Wednesday 1st April at 9.15 am in the Wilson Room, Portcullis House. The Committee will hear from a cross-disciplinary panel of experts:

Dr Michael Pollitt, Judge Business School
Prof Goran Strbac, Imperial College, London
Dr Jim Watson, Sussex Energy Group

The session will cover a broad range of issues, including:

€ The challenges that meeting the 2020 renewables target, and longer-term security of energy supply and climate change goals, pose for the electricity networks;

€ How we ensure the regulatory framework is flexible enough to cope with uncertainty over the future generation mix;

€ The issues surrounding the establishment of a cost-effective offshore transmission regime;

€ The challenges posed by higher levels of embedded and distributed generation; and

€ How the regulatory framework can encourage network operators to innovate, including the potential of smart grid technologies.

Further evidence sessions for this inquiry will take place after the Easter recess.


1. Committee Membership is as follows:

Mr Elliot Morley MP, Labour, Scunthorpe (Chairman)
Mr David Anderson MP, Labour, Blaydon
Colin Challen MP, Labour, Morley and Rothwell
Nadine Dorries MP, Conservative, Mid Bedfordshire
Charles Hendry MP, Conservative, Wealden
Miss Julie Kirkbride MP, Conservative, Bromsgrove
Anne Main MP, Conservative, St. Albans
Judy Mallaber MP, Labour, Amber Valley
John Robertson MP, Labour, Glasgow North West
Sir Robert Smith MP, Liberal Democrats, West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine
Paddy Tipping MP, Labour, Sherwood
Dr Desmond Turner MP, Labour, Brighton Kemptown
Mr Mike Weir MP, Scottish National Party, Angus
Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Labour, Southampton Test

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