Defence Commitee Press Notices 2004-2005

Date Inquiry Announcement
23 March 2005Iraq Chairman's Comments
21 March 2005Duty of Care Publication of ALI Report
18 March 2005Iraq Publication of Report
18 March 2005Strategic Export Controls Publication of Report
14 March 2005Tri-Service Armed Forces Bill Summary of Report
9 March 2005Future Capabilities Publication of Report
9 March 2005Duty of Care and Tri-Service Armed Forces Bill Publication of Reports
8 February 2005Work of the Committee in 2004 Publication of Report
27 January 2005Iraq Evidence Sessions
26 January 2005Tri-Service Armed Forces Bill Evidence Session
18 January 2005Iraq Evidence Sessions
14 December 2004Strategic Export Controls Evidence Session
20 December 2004Future Capabilities Evidence Session
9 December 2004Duty of Care Evidence Session
8 December 2004Strategic Export Controls Evidence Session
25 November 2004Duty of Care Evidence Sessions