Defence Committee

Session 2002-03, 27 June 2003

Press Notice No.31


On 11 April the Committee announced that it intended to conduct an inquiry into the campaign in Iraq.  Further evidence sessions have now been arranged as follows:-

Wednesday 2 July at 10.00 am, Committee Room 15, House of Commons

  • Ms Audrey Gillan, Special Correspondent, The Guardian

  • Mr Gavin Hewitt, Special Correspondent, BBC

  • Mr Bill Neely, International News Editor, ITV News

  • Mr Jeremy Thompson, Presenter, Sky News

Wednesday 2 July at 3.00 pm, Committee Room 15, House of Commons

  • Mr Mark Urban, Diplomatic Editor, BBC Newsnight

  • Mr Alex Thomson, Chief Correspondent, Channel 4 News

  • Mr Martin Ivens, Deputy Editor, The Sunday Times

  • Ms Roula Khalaf, Middle East Editor, The Financial Times

Wednesday 9 July at 3.00 pm, Committee Room 15, House of Commons

  • Lt Gen John Reith CB CBE, Chief of Joint Operations, Permanent  Joint Headquarters Ministry of Defence

  • Mr Ian Lee, Director General Operational Policy, Ministry of Defence

  • Rear Admiral Charles Style CBE, Capability Manager (Strategic Deployment) Ministry of Defence

The terms of reference of the inquiry are as follows:

  1. To examine the role of the UK Armed Forces in the major combat phase of the recent conflict in Iraq;

  2. To explore how far lessons from previous operations and deployments, including in Afghanistan, were acted upon and implemented; and

  3. To consider what lessons for the future may be drawn from Operation Telic.

Written submissions relevant to this inquiry are welcome and should be sent to the Clerk of the Committee, preferably in electronic format to the Committee's e-mail address: (Please include your full postal address together with the email).

Further evidence sessions will be announced in due course.

It is advisable to ring the office on 020 7219 5745 a few days in advance of this session to check which Committee Room will be used.