23rd October 2003

Pension Plans and Compensation Schemes for Armed Forces to come under scrutiny

Government plans to introduce new pension and compensation schemes for the armed forces are to be investigated by the Defence Committee.  On 5 November, the Committee will take evidence from the Government Minister for Veterans. The aims of the session will include finding out how the new schemes are different from earlier proposals; and whether they make proper provision for armed forces personnel and their families.

The session will take place at 3 pm on 5 November, in Committee Room 16 (room subject to change), with evidence from:

• Mr Ivor Caplin MP, Minister for Veterans, Ministry of Defence

• Mr Jonathan Iremonger, Director, Service Personnel Policy (Pensions), Ministry of Defence

Written submissions on this subject are also welcome and should be sent to the Clerk of the Committee, preferably in electronic format to, by 7 November at the latest. (Please include your full postal address together with the e-mail).