Defence Committee

Session 2002-03

Press Notice No. 41, 18 October 2003


Reserves & Defence Medical Services

On 11 April the Committee announced that it intended to conduct an inquiry into the campaign in Iraq.  The next evidence session will be held on:-

Wednesday 22 October, Committee Room 15

At 3.00 pm

  • Lieutenant General Anthony Palmer CBE, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel), Ministry of Defence

  • Brigadier Andrew Farquahar, HQ Land Command

  • Brigadier The Duke of Westminster KG OBC TD DL, Director, Reserve Forces and Cadets

  • Captain Chris Massie-Taylor OBE, Director, Naval Reserves

  • Air Commodore David Case, Plans and Reserves, HQ Strike Command

At approximately 4.30 pm

  • Surgeon Vice Admiral Ian Jenkins CVO QHF, Surgeon General

  • Lieutenant General Kevin O’Donoghue CBE, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Health)

  • Colonel Steve Howe, PJHQ, Ministry of Defence

  • Brigadier Alan Hawley OBE, Director, British Forces Germany, Health Service

  • Surgeon Commander David Birt, Hospital Unit, Dereford

  • Wing Commander Michael Almond, Officer Commanding, 4626 Royal Auxiliary Air Force (AE) Squadron

The terms of reference of the inquiry are as follows:

  • To examine the role of the UK Armed Forces in the major combat phase of the recent conflict in Iraq;

  • To explore how far lessons from previous operations and deployments, including in Afghanistan, were acted upon and implemented; and

  • To consider what lessons for the future may be drawn from Operation Telic.

Written submissions relevant to this inquiry are welcome and should be sent to the Clerk of the Committee, preferably in electronic format to the Committee’s e-mail address: (Please include your full postal address together with the email).

Further evidence sessions will be announced in due course.

It is advisable to ring the office on 020 7219 5745 a few days in advance of this session to check which Committee Room will be used.