Defence Committee Press Notice

Session 2009-10, 16 December 2009

Publication of Report: National security and resilience


The Defence Select Committee today publishes a short Report on national security and resilience. This is in response to the Government’s reply to its May 2009 Report on The Defence contribution to national security and resilience.

The Committee is disappointed with the content of the Government’s response to its earlier Report, and challenges the Ministry of Defence to be more open in setting out its role in contributing to the nation’s security.

In its Report, the Committee:

  • calls upon the Government to provide regular updates on national security to appropriate select committees; 

  • deplores the Government’s failure so far to establish a Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy following the announcement of July 2008; and

  • stresses the importance of the forthcoming defence Green Paper and Strategic Defence Review in making the necessary and important connections between national security and strategic defence capabilities. 

Commenting on the Report, Committee Chairman, the Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, said: “We feel that the Ministry of Defence has let itself down in responding so poorly to our May 2009 Report on national security.  The Department has a good story to tell, and the country would welcome reassurance that our Armed Forces are an integral part of the Government’s strategy to defend the country from terrorist or other attacks. The next Government must spell out more clearly the role of the UK’s defence assets in our national security.” 

The Committee was nominated on 13 July 2005. The Defence Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration, and policy of the Ministry of Defence and its associated public bodies.

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