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Call for Evidence  - Terms of Reference

Delivering Security in a Changing World: The Defence White Paper


The Ministry of Defence published a defence white paper in December 2003, "Delivering Security in a Changing World", which builds on the Strategic Defence Review (1998) and the New Chapter to the Strategic Defence Review. Both these policy documents were the subject of important inquiries by the Defence Committee. The Committee will build on these as well as on its current work on the major combat phase in Iraq in conducting this new inquiry into the Defence White Paper.

Terms of Reference

  • To examine the assumptions underlying the Defence White Paper;

  • To explore the implications for personnel in the three services of the White Paper's proposals;

  • To consider the future force structures, equipment and expenditure implications of the White Paper.

Written Submissions

Written submissions relevant to this inquiry are welcome and should be sent to the Clerk of the Committee, preferably in electronic format to the Committee's e-mail address:

The Committee will not consider memoranda for consideration for this inquiry where only an email address is provided, please supply a full postal address when submitting any memorandum.