Culture Media and Sport Committee Press Notice

5 JUNE 2007
No 24

Seventh & Eighth oral evidence sessions:
Public service media content

The Committee will hold its seventh and eighth oral evidence sessions on Public service media content on:-

Tuesday 12 June at 10.30am, Committee Room 16, House of Commons

Mr Geoff Metzger, Satellite and Cable Broadcasters' Group; and
Mr Irwin Stelzer

Thursday 14 June at 10.30am, Committee Room 8, House of Commons

Mr Shaun Woodward MP, Minister for Creative Industries and Tourism

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee announced on 26 October 2006 an inquiry into Public service media content. The Committee is particularly interested in the following:

The prospects for maintaining plurality in public service broadcasting in the digital age;

The practicality of continuing to impose public service obligations on commercial broadcasters;

The viability of existing funding models for ITV, Channel Four and Five;

The case for public funding of broadcasters in addition to the BBC;

The future of key areas of public service media content such as news provision and children's programming;

The value of the Public Service Publisher concept as advanced by Ofcom;

The case for provision of public service material on new media.