Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Session 2005-06

Sixth oral evidence session

New media and the creative industries

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee announced in November 2005 an inquiry into the challenges and opportunities for the creative industries arising from the development of new media platforms.  For the purposes of the inquiry, the term “creative industries” includes music, visual broadcasts, sound broadcasts, film, graphic art, design, advertising, fashion and games software.

The Committee will hold its sixth oral evidence session at the House of Commons in Committee Room 15 on Tuesday 17 October  at 10.15am. 

The witnesses will be:

at 10.15am

Philip Graf, Deputy Chairman and Chairman of Content Board, Peter Davies, Director of Multimedia and Radio, and Dominic Morris, Director of the Chief Executive’s Office, Ofcom

at approx 11.15am

Ian Livingstone, Product Acquisition Director, Eidos Interactive UK; and
Paul Jackson, Director-General, Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association

at approx 11.45am

Patrick Bradley, Ingenious Media