Culture, Media and Sport Committee

First oral evidence session

New inquiry: New media and the creative industries

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee announced in November 2005 an inquiry into the challenges and opportunities for the creative industries arising from the development of new media platforms.  For the purposes of the inquiry, the term “creative industries” includes music, visual broadcasts, sound broadcasts, film, graphic art, design, advertising, fashion and games software.

The Committee is particularly interested in the following issues:

•  The impact upon creative industries of recent and future developments in digital convergence and media technology;

•  The effects upon the various creative industries of unauthorised reproduction and dissemination of creative content, particularly using new technology; and what steps can or should be taken - using new technology, statutory protection or other means - to protect creators;

•  The extent to which a regulatory environment should be applied to creative content accessed using non-traditional media platforms;

•  Where the balance should lie between the rights of creators and the expectations of consumers in the context of the BBC’s Creative Archive and other developments.

The Committee will hold its first oral evidence session at the House of Commons in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House on Tuesday 9 May at 10.30am.  The witnesses will be:

At 10.30am
British Screen Advisory Council

At approx 11.30am
Anthony Lilley,  Chief Executive, Magic Lantern Productions
Mark Oliver, Chief Executive, Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates Ltd
Claire Enders, Chief Executive, Enders Analysis Ltd