Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Session 2005-06

2 November 2005

Oral evidence sessions

Analogue switch-off

The Committee will hold the following oral evidence sessions at the House of Commons in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House :

At 10.30am
Mr Chris Goodall
Dr Andrew Wheen, Mentor
Dr Jeremy Klein, Scientific Generics
Mr David Elstein
At about 11.30am
Colette Bowe, Ofcom Consumer Panel
Jocelyn Hay, Voice of the Listener & Viewer
Leen Petre, RNIB
Mr David Sinclair, Help the Aged

TUESDAY 15 NOVEMBER at 10.30am
At 10.30am
At about 11.30am
Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd
DSG International

The inquiry was announced on 19 July 2005 (See Press Notice No.2).  Evidence was invited on the following issues:

• The policy objectives and economic benefits of digital switchover, and the relative roles of the different platforms in the delivery of digital television;

• The feasibility of, and the steps needed towards achieving switchover to the Government’s timetable and with sufficient geographical coverage;

• The costs associated with the digital switchover process and how these are to be met;

• The protection of vulnerable groups in terms of financial and practical assistance.

Further evidence sessions will be announced in due course.