Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Session 2004-05

25 March 2005

Community Sport

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee announced an inquiry into community sport on 16 March. 

The Committee has agreed to hold an evidence session on Tuesday 5 April with interested parties along the following lines.




Representatives from sports associations, the voluntary sector and club level


Sports governing bodies

12 noon

DCMS and Sport England

The Committee announced the focus of the inquiry as:

- the development of grassroots sport and current levels of participation by all members of the community-children, young people as well as adult men and women-and on ways to encourage further participation; and

- existing initiatives and expenditure; current performance; and progress made towards established objectives.

The Committee would also be interested to hear about significant obstacles to achieving progress encountered by sporting bodies and clubs such as may arise from: the existing tax regime; licensing, or other regulatory, requirements; and/or the receipt of public funding whether from central, or local authority, sources.

Written submissions are invited from any interested organisation or individual by Friday 1 April 2005.  Please forward written submissions by email to or send, by post to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA