Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Session 2004-05

3 March 2005

World Book Day

and Public Libraries

The aim of World Book Day is to “encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading.” Promoting a love for reading, at an early age, is something towards which any civilised society should strive and we fully support the objectives of today’s many celebrations and initiatives.

We have, in recent months, conducted an inquiry into the state of our public libraries and taken evidence from a variety of interested individuals, authors and organisations; all of whom expressed the importance of reading and literacy for children’s development and for society as a whole. We applaud the efforts being made today by public libraries across the country in organising World Book Day events.

We will be publishing our conclusions on the way forward for public library services and their relationship with central Government (HC 81) at a minute past midnight on Thursday 10 March.

To read the evidence given in this inquiry see: and